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Andrés Moya-Rodriguez

I am a Graduate Student (Biophysical Sciences) in the Huang Lab. I am interested in understanding the influence of localized fluid dynamics on the endothelium of cephalic veins of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients undergoing dialysis. We believe the vein's endothelium is significantly damaged due to patient-specific blood flow parameters in tandem with frequent dialysis treatment which often leads to vein clotting and health deterioration. Therefore, I fabricate patient-specific millifluidic devices that mimic their intrinsic vein geometry and topology in order to perform hemodynamics studies in the lab replicating physiological flow conditions. It is my hope that my work leads to a re-evaluation of how dialysis is performed to avoid or minimize cephalic vein atrophy and clotting in ESRD patients which result in costly interventional procedures and subsequent delays in treatment progression.